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How to Join Cricket Academy In Hyderabad

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How to Join Cricket Academy In Hyderabad
by aakanksha kaur - Monday, 28 January 2019, 2:46 PM

The Hyderabad Cricket Club was established as an interest group in 2006 by Mr. Vivekananddh Reddy Gurram. His prior record as a leagues player in Hyderabad helped him establish a rapport with the cricket loving youth in the city. People soon started flocking to him every weekend, and the Hyderabad Cricket Club was born. 

The operations were formalized into a company by the name of Wattey Shot Pvt Ltd which caters to the non-professional sport-loving people in the country. It has the motto of ‘Chalo Khelein aaj… Chalo Jeetein Aaj’; and promotes the cultures of play hard, fair and safe.

The Hyderabad Cricket Club has a strong following online. It has about 3000 followers on Facebook, and multiple people joining it everyday on meetup. We have also released the Hyderabad Cricket Club app on the Android Play Store that ensures that anyone who wishes to play at a day’s notice will be given a fair chance.