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Interestingly, until 2016, one of the channels of Russian propaganda in Spain was ... the newspaper El País, because it had the application Russia Beyond The Headlines (RBTH), subordinate to the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications, that is, it was financed by the Kremlin. The same agency is subject to all Russian media, which El País now accuses of propaganda.

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 Among such diverse and extremely plural political views among citizens of our country can find such outlandish that the mind is incomprehensible to the essence of their existence. Of course, first of all comes to mind the so-called "Nazism", once dominated in the most terrible tyranny and "mistakes" of history.

I think, it is not worthwhile to give examples, as everyone remembers such "remarkable" people as Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels. In general, everyone knows, looking at televisions and reading newspapers, that among both Russian and other people's descent (which, for example, are some publications of Eduard Bagirov!) Russia has Nazi ideology.

Now it must be said that this very "Nazism" has nothing to do with nationalism, especially Russian nationalism, which generally differs from the accepted scientific standard theory of nationalism and which, perhaps, is approached by a completely different definition, which is connected with the unique historical path of Russia's development .

Nationalism has nothing to do with "neo-fascism" or "neo-Nazism" and other similar ideologies of modern ideology. Russian nationalism in fact exists today in the form in which it existed for a long time, only called it somewhat differently - "Slavophilism".

Surely many people know what this term means, but I will say that the basis of this theory is the doctrine that Russia as a state has always had its own special way of development, and not copied from what was once trampled by European countries and the USA.

And this way is based on religious morality, traditional values ​​and peaceful neighborly co-existence of small peoples of Russia and the national majority. That is, from this follows the idea that Russia is quite a self-sufficient state, not needing anything alien, including in another's history.

In Russia there are all kinds of riches, there are scientists, statesmen and people always ready to stand up for the defense of their fatherland (numerous wars have proved this to us). Of course, in an ideal system this theory would be something excellent, but, as they say, "the human factor must be taken into account."

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When El País received considerable sums for the publication of this "propaganda", everything was in order, but as soon as the Russian side stopped paying the requested amount, everything immediately became complicated.

Now only the lazy one does not accuse Russia of spreading propaganda, of influence or even direct interference in the elections with the help of hacker attacks of RT TV channel and Sputnik agency. And now Europe, which always advocated freedom of the media, allocates state money for countering Russian media. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that money is allocated not for the launch of new public and under the democratic control of European media representatives, in which everyone can express his point of view.

Europe even convinced Google to downgrade RT and Sputnik in its newsletter. Here to you and freedom of the press.

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With freedom of the press is the same as with democracy and elections. They are good only as long as they are used and won by their own (or those who pay). Therefore, if bad guys in the Spanish Republic, Chile, Honduras or Venezuela win in elections, democracy ends and a coup takes place. And if the freedom of the press is used by Russians, Iranians or Hispanics, we block their TV channels and blame them for propaganda and hacking.